How to Get Free PUBG Mobile UC?[Working Tricks]

PUBG is a Battle Royale game that is played online and this game has created a boom in esports. This game has got beautiful and attractive graphics. Free UC in thing everyone wants in PUBG. UC or unknown cash is currency of PUBG mobile. 60 UC costs you around $1. Bigger the UC pack, More the benefits. UC is used to buy Royal Pass, Costumes, Gun skins and backpack skins, helmet skins, and open crates.

Now, Let Us learn about PUBG UC in detail.

What Is Pubg UC?

I have met a lot of guys who have been playing PUBG and still are unaware of UC. UC is basically a mode of currency in PUBG. There is no other option to make purchases of items like outfits. Each and everything you get here is bought by Unknown Cash(UC). There are many outfits in the wardrobe that can be bought by UC. Now we will discuss the ways that will help you in getting free PUBG mobile UC.

4 Best & GenuineWays To Get Free PUBG UC

Here are the seven ways that you can go through to get free PUBG mobile UC. Let’s Begin

1. Participate In GiveAways

If you are lucky enough then you can participate in giveaways that are organized by Youtubers, PUBG content creators and other influencing organizations. You can start following these players and streamers who organize these giveaways. There are many platforms where these giveaways are organized on regular basis. Some Of them are Youtube, Instagram and Nimo TV etc. Classified YT, MR. Cybersquad, Villager eSports are some of the famous youtube channels that organize giveaways on a regular basis.

2. Participate In Tournament And Custom  Room

There are many tournaments, contests, and custom rooms that are organized on a daily basis by YouTubers, PUBG mobile users, and many other such applications where you can earn UC as a reward. If you have the real skills of the game, then you will surely be rewarded. You just need to follow the people who organize these tournaments on a regular basis on Instagram and Youtube Or any other social applications. Marcos Gaming organizes tournaments on a regular basis. You can also download mobile applications like MPL and Playerzon to take part in tournaments.

3. Play Bonus Challenge

Bonus Challenge is an in-game option in PUBG mobile. This bonus challenge can be used to win bonus coins and these bonus coins can be used to redeem UC packs. You will need some UC in your PUBG account to play this bonus challenge. You can also earn bonus coins by watching ads if you want to. This method really works. All you need is good UC skills and teamwork.

4. Use Google Opinion Rewards

Google Opinion Rewards is really a good mobile application that rewards you money for completing surveys. Download the  Google Opinion Rewards application from google play store and start completing surveys after Signup.

Here are some valuable tips to get more and more surveys-

  1. Always turn the GPS of your device ON wherever you go.
  2. Take some time to complete the surveys.
  3. Give genuine responses to the surveys.
  4. Visit more public places, showrooms, and restaurants.

This method is really effective if you are patient enough.

 Is PUBG UC Generator Genuine?

If there is any website claiming to give you free UC is not one to be trusted. Its a trap and you must not fell for it. We strongly request you to not to give access to your account to anyone unknown whom you don’t trust. He may steal your account information. Very often these UC generators like applications come with malware and adware that may harm your device. UC generator application Is just a way to steal your information like Email Address, IP address, etc.


So, Guys, These are the best free and genuine ways to get free PUBG mobile UC that you can use. All other methods are scam and fraud. If you have any doubts regarding these methods, Please tell us in the comments section. We will surely you there.

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