How To Unsubscribe Amazon Audible In Easy Steps?[2020]

Amazon audible is the producer and seller of audio content with entertainment, informational and educational programs. It provides the features of digital audiobooks, TV programs, and audio versions of magazines and newspapers. We think you should rethink your idea again to “Unsubscribe amazon audible”. Because it is beneficial for those people who love reading but not able to extract the time for the reading purpose then there is a substitution for reading and that is Amazon Audible. People can enjoy listening to audiobooks while traveling or doing any other works. Amazon audible gives compatibility with different operating systems like Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android.

Well here is our full guide on how to unsubscribe amazon audible.

How Amazon Audible Works?

You can start a 90 days free trial with 2 free audiobooks you have. After completion of 90 days,
you have to pay subscription money. The average charges per month are approx $15.With the
subscription fee, you get 1-2 free credits in your account. You can use it as 1 credit=1 Audiobook

How To Unsubscribe Amazon Audible Completely In 2020

If you have subscribed to the Amazon Audible but if you don want it anymore due to your personal reasons like your interest in audible books is finished or due to some financial issue etc, then here are some steps to follow to unsubscribe Amazon Audible.

Step 1:Open your web browser and navigate to and there will be an option for “Sign in” then just Sign in if you are not signed in by default.
You have to sign-in by providing the credentials over there such as your email or mobile phone number and your Password. And then you will arrive at your Audible home page.

Step 2:When you will arrive at your Audible home page then you can see your Account name there on the upper right corner of the page and you need to click on that.
And when you click it, a drop-down menu will open at that time from clicking your account name.

And your “Membership Status” will be there and there are few options such as:

From the above drop-down menu options, you need to click “Account Details” and it will take you to your Account Screen.

Step 3:When you Account Screen will open there will be a lot of options available there such as:

So From the above-given options, you need to go through the “View MemberShip details”. By default, you will be there at the “View MemberShip details” section.

And in this section, you find two options

  1. Switch Membership
  2. Cancel Membership(In blue Color)

Then simply click on the second option that is “Cancel Membership” and then it will take you to the new page and there will be a message “Will you let us know why you are canceling? It’ll just take a minute.”

And there are few options to choose from:

  1. I couldn’t find audiobooks I liked.
  2. I didn’t know I was in membership.
  3. I am having technical problems.
  4. I don’t use it enough.
  5. Audiobooks are not for me.
  6. I’m using another service.
  7. It’s too expensive.
  8. Another reason.

Then simply choose from the above suitable options that suit them best and then click on the “Continue canceling” button after selecting the reason. And then it will take you to the new page with another offer from amazon side e.g. “Get the next three months for 50% off. You will be billed for the first month now and get your next credit immediately” and there will option to “Switch Membership”.

So if you like this offer then simply click on “Switch Membership” and you need to pay the amount for that with less amount of money. But if you don’t want any subscription and want to cancel it then click on the “Cancel Membership” button.

And then you will return to your “Account Screen” and then you will able to see a message :

“We are sorry to see you go. Your membership has been canceled”. If you are able to see this message then it is the confirmation that the amazon audible is successfully canceled and it will not take any further charge for your audible account.

3.An Alternate Way To Unsubscribe Amazon Audible.

Firstly you need to navigate “” on your browser and then Amazon page will open and it will ask you to “Sign-in” if you are not signed in by default then simply sign-in by giving the credentials they needed.

And after sign-in, you can see “Accounts & Lists” below your account name then click on that and a lot of options will be available there but you need to select the “Memberships & Subscriptions” option.

And then all your subscriptions will be available there and you can unsubscribe whatever you want from there. Then from those options select “Amazon Audible” and you can unsubscribe from there.


So guys this was a detailed article on how to unsubscribe amazon audible in simple and easy steps. We hope that you have canceled your audible subscription by now. If you are having any difficulty in doing so then please tell us in the comments section. We will surely help you.


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