iPhone 12 Specs Leaked [Latest ]

Few reports which stated that iPhone won’t be released in 2020 have been contradicted now by a very famous tech analyst Jon Prosser. He has claimed that iPhone 12 will be released at the end of the year. He has also shared an image via his twitter handle that showcases a complete range of iPhone 12 models. Here is the screenshot of his tweet. You can find his original tweet here.

Expected Specs Of iPhone 12

According to a few reports, we can see 5.4 inch and 6.1 iPhone models in the standard version And 6.1 inches iPhone 12 Pro model And 6.7 inches iPhone 12 Pro Max this time. All this complete range of iPhones will be out by the end of the year 2020. Each of the variants in this range will be loaded with A14 chipset with 5G capability.

Cameras Of iPhone 12

Cameras of Standard variants of the iPhone will be dual rear-mounted camera setups, whereas camera set up for iPhone 12 pro and iPhone 12 pro max is supposed to be a triple camera with additional LiDAR scanner for Good AR(Augmented Reality).

Design updates For iPhone 12

If we talk about designs the standard iPhone models are going to have sport Almunium bodies whereas iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max will have strong stainless steel frames. Smaller display notches are expected in the whole iPhone 12 range.

The Last Verdict

These were the latest updates about the iPhone 12 range. However, these specs cannot be totally relied upon. For final specs, we will have to wait for official announcements from apple itself.

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