10 Best PUBG Mobile Streamers in India [2020]

Pubg mobile is highly popular in India. As soon as the Pubg mobile was launched it got a very good response from India. People love to play Pubg and even watch Pubg mobile streaming on youtube. Pung mobile has an ample amount of audience all around India. So some players who had good command over the game started streaming it live on Youtube. Today in this article we are going to list out 10 best PUBG mobile streamers in India. Let’s begin:-


Here is the list of 10 best PUBG mobile streamers that you must follow in 2020.

1. Mortal

It isn’t possible that you play PUBG and you don’t know Mortal. He is also known as SoulMortal. His real name is Naman Mathur. Whenever he comes for a live stream he easily gets watching an audience of 30k+. His team Team Soul has recently won the PUBG mobile India series. Mortal in real is also a humble human being and that is also the reason that he has completed 2 million subscribers on Youtube. His streams are family-friendly and you can watch them in front of your family too.

2. Scout

Scout is also a Good PUBG mobile streamer and player. He has crossed over 1 million subscribers over youtube recently. His real is Tanmay Singh. Scout works hard for the game. he is very dedicated to his play. If you are a newbie and you must learn the game then you must surely follow him on youtube. His streams are very fun to watch but you cannot watch his streams in front of your family. His streams contain some adult words.

3. Dynamo Gaming

Dynamo Gaming is a brand in Indian PUBG mobile streaming. Dynamo’s real name is Aditya Deepak Sawant. He is also the leader and owner of Hydra Clan. When it comes to popularity no comes close to dynamo except SoulMortal. Dynamo has 6.89 million subscribers on youtube. He is going to be the first Indian gamer to cross 7 million subscribers. Dynamo used to play on Emulator first but he shifted to mobile recently.

4. CARRYISLIVE (Carry Minati)

Even if you don’t play pubg you still might be knowing Carry Minati. He has 2 youtube channels. He has an epic level of trolling skills and gaming skills too. Carry’s real name is Ajey Nagar. His gaming channel is Carry is Live and he has 4 million+ subscribers there. He is the most entertaining player on this list. His streams are not a family friend as well. But you will surely enjoy his streams.


Novaking earlier used to be a player in Soul Mortal now he has his team POWERHOUSE. His real name is Rahul Dhankar. This guy is very determined about this live stream. He is publishing how to reach conqueror tier and streams regularly regarding that. If you want to learn good PUBG skills you surely must follow him.


Rawknee is a youtube streamer and doesn’t stream the only PUBG but other games too. His gameplay us very funny and cracks giggling jokes while streaming. You cannot learn PUBG from him but he is the player who will entertain you the most. His real name as Rony Dasgupta.

7. Kronten

Kronten Started his youtube career in 2018 and his real name is Chetan Chandgude. He is well known for his aggressive gameplay and he has a subscriber base of 1.6 million. Kronten is the owner and leader of GodL clan. His streams are real fun to watch. He mostly streams games from his point of view.


Owais is a professional PUBG mobile player and streamer. he has 432k subscribers on youtube. Owais was also previously a member of the soul clan. Currently, he plays with scout too. he streams his matches from his channel. his real name is Mohammad Owais Lakhani. His youtube channel’s name is Octo Owais.

9. 8bit-Thuglife

Thuglife comes from Guwhati and is one of the oldest PUBG mobile streamers in India. He founded the 8-Bit clan which is considered is the best clan in the PUBG community in India. Thuglie’s real name is Animesh Agarwal. This streamer organizes regular giveaways for his viewers. thug life currently has more than 152k subscribers.


Regaltos is a professional PUBG player who currently plays for Team Soul with Mortal. Regaltos’s real name is Parv Singh. He is one of the best assaulters of the PUBG game in India. this guy is a very good entertainer. You can watch him play on his youtube channel.


So, guys, this was a detailed list of 10 best PUBG mobile streamers in India whom you can watch for fun and learning new tricks. we have analyzed the list based on subscriber count and viewers reviews. If you have any doubts or issues regarding this list please contact us here or you can also share your views in the comments section. We will be pleased to help you.

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