Full Guide: How To Install VLC Player On Your Android Tv.

VLC the media player is probably the best music player for windows. This player is the first choice of music listeners when it comes to the best free media players for windows. Though VLC also has its android version it is liked in windows most. And now in this digital era where Android TVs have come into play, VLC has become a favorite one there too. The application developed for android TVs is named VLC for Android and also gives you resemblance to the Android Mobile application. Many people these days are getting into trouble while installing VLC for android. Today in this post we have come up with a full guide on How-to install VLC Media Player on Android TV. You can go through these simple steps to
install VLC on your android.

How To Install VLC Media Player On Android Tv?

  1. Switch on your Android TV and Come on your home screen
  2. Look for Google Playstore and search “VLC” For Android” there using your remote
  3. Click Install the app when you find the desired application i.e VLC for Android
  4. When the app installation is finished you can open it there. And you can also access
    it later from ALL APPS SECTION.

How To Use “VLC For Android” Application?

When you run this application for the very first time it will ask you for granting some
permissions e.g storage permission, same as in android phone. You should not have any
trouble granting these permissions.
After you are done with the entire process of installation and granting permissions. You have
access to Video, Audio, and browsing media files. All this can be navigated from the left
sidebar. Browsing helps you in accessing External USB storage, Your local Files and
streaming devices, etc.

How To Use Browsing in VLC For Android TV?

Just go to browsing in the left sidebar And select an application you wish to open. Now
Press the down button to bring the navigation.
When the timeline gets highlighted you can scroll through it with right and left arrow buttons.
Skipping forward and backward can be done by pressing the same arrow keys. The skipping
time by these keys is 10 seconds by default.

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How Do I Change Settings In VLC Android TV Settings?

  1. Press the Up Arrow button to display settings
  2.  Navigate to other->settings, here you can see all the default and necessary settings.
  3. If you have used the android app of VLC then you won’t feel any trouble in changing
    settings as it is quite similar to it.
  4. Another feature in VLC for Android TV Include Auto re-scan, personalizing interface, Subtitles, Audio settings, And playback history settings, etc.


So guys today in this section we have tried to help you in installing Vlc Media Player on your
Android TV. We hope you have gone through this article and have successfully installed
VLC player on your Android TV. But still, if you have any doubts regarding this topic then
please feel free to contact us in the comments section. We will surely help you there.

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