What Is Valorant? Release Date, GamePlay , Beta And More

In today’s world e-Sports is a growing genre within sports and gaming. According to experts, this industry will be worth $1.5 billion. e-sports is also considered as a viable career nowadays. today in this article we are going to throw some light on the upcoming legendary game by RIOT Games which is named as VALORANT.  So go ahead and have a look at this useful article to explore more about the Valorant game.

What Is a Valorant Game?

VALORANT is an upcoming video game developed by Riot Games. Valorant is a free-to-play multiplayer first-person shooter game. Earlier this game was announced with the codename project A in October 2019. It is a tactical shooter with a five on five setups. In this game, each match has 25 rounds in total. The first team to win the first 13 rounds wins the match. Players have to pick the characters which are known as Agents. These Agents have special abilities like creating pools of smoke, building walls, dashing quickly and even calling down airstrikes.

Is VALORANT Available For PC only?

According to Riot Games VALORANT is developed for PC only, till the moment. Their team is working on ensuring the game to explore other platforms too. But their current focus is on PC only.

Is Valorant Going To Be free?

Yes! VALORANT will be free to download after its launch. RIOT games have confirmed that they want VALORANT playable for everyone on PC by summer 2020.

How Long Do You Have To Watch Valorant Streams To Get Beta Invite?

Roughly 2 hours of VALORANT streams are enough to be eligible for the closed Beta invite.

Should I Buy A Closed  Beta Account?

Many eager players have been seen purchasing accounts with access for $150 or even more. Riot Games has already warned that these accounts will be recognized and banned as early as possible. Don’t waste money on doing such.

When Will Be VALORANT Released?

The game is scheduled to launch somewhere in Summer 2020. So there is no need to worry if you don’t get into the beta version. You won’t have to wait long.

Is VALORANT a Competetive Game?

Each part of Valorant is designed to give a tough competition to all competitors. There is a casual and ranked mode but the game is all about competition.

Why Are There Different Characters In VALORANT?

Other tactical shooters like Counter-Strike Don’t have characters. Rainbow Six Siege is also of the same genre and features characters. If we talk of VALORANT,s gameplay is quite quick than that of seige. In VALORANT players die very quickly, you need to be careful at all times.

Can I Change My Character During A Match?

NO, Characters can’t be changed at any point in the match in VALORANT. if you are picking an Agent that is good at defense then your team is at the disadvantage of offense.

What Are VALORANT’S Maps Like?

The maps of this game are similar to counter strike. You will see bomb sites, spawns for both teams, and points of interest spread throughout that make for great callouts. Settings for the various maps are related to the game’s story.

Will There Be New Maps Added To VALORANT?

Yes! there will be new maps added regularly but there is no fixed time frame for that. There are chances that a new map will be added every six months toa year.

Are There Any Skins In The Game?

VALORANT currently has gun skins that change the weapons look. But there are no character skins and there is no news about them.

Are There Loot Boxes?

No! This is game is not going to have loot boxes. Players will have to purchase skins directly from the store if they need it.

Is There A VALORANT Battle Pass?

Yes! There is a battle pass like a system in VALORANT that gives players new cosmetic rewards the more they play. There is no news regarding how often the rewards will be refreshed.

What Are VALORANT’S PC Hardware Specs?

VALORANT will run at the lowest possible specs at even 30 frames per sec on an INTEL i3 -370 with an Intel HD 3000 integrated GPU. In a nutshell, you can play it on a fairly old laptop.


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